Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I import my tasks from Wunderlist into Tempodo?

Yes, in addition to Wunderlist, Tempodo also supports import in iCalender format: More information

I bought the PRO version of Tempodo on iOS. Why is the PRO version not activated under macOS?

The Tempodo PRO version must be purchased for each platform. If you want to use the PRO functions on iOS and macOS, please purchase the PRO version 1x for iOS and 1x for macOS.

I have purchased the PRO version. How can I sync my tasks between my iOS and macOS devices?

Your task collection is synchronized via Apple's iCloud Drive. Activate iCloud Drive in iOS version and select a file that you want to access from multiple devices. Find more information here.

Can I sync other than iCloud Drive? For example WebDAV?

No, Tempodo only supports iCloud Drive synchronization.

Although I use the PRO version, the background wallpaper of my task collection does not change.

If you have activated the Darkmode under iOS 13 or macOS 10.14 / 10.15 or set it to 'automatic', your background wallpaper will be replaced by a dark background. If the Darkmode is deactivated, the selected wallpaper is displayed.

How can I delete or change keywords or categories? (iOS)

On iOS, you can edit / delete keywords and categories by swiping your finger from right to left on the keyword / category: Swipe To Left.

What systems does Tempodo run on?

Tempodo supports the Apple operating systems iOS and macOS. There is no Windows or web support.