Release Notes macOS

V1.34 (2024-01)

  • Improved app stability on macOS 13 and macOS 14

V1.33 (2023-09)

  • Improved stability on macOS 14
  • Attachments can be stored in a user defined directory
  • Homeview filter and sorting settings are saved permanently

V1.32.4 (2023-01)

  • Window toolbar bug fix and stability improvements for macOS 11+

V1.32.3 (2023-01)

  • The website URL has been updated
  • Fixed a document saving error in macOS versions before 11.0

V1.32.2 (2022-10)

  • Some smaller bugfixes

V1.32.1 (2022-01)

  • Bug fix for a possible app crash when closing windows in macOS 11+

V1.32 (2021-12)

  • macOS 11+: added document tab support, toolbar design updates
  • insert a URL from pasteboard directly as attachment via keyboard shortcut CMD+V
  • bug fixes

V1.31 (2021-11)

  • added new elements to Menu Bar for view, list and task (with keyboard shortcuts)
  • added multi selection for categories and tags in sidebar
  • improved undo / redo integration
  • dialogs for deleting tasks, categories and tags revised
  • bug fixes and stability/performance improvements

V1.30 (2021-11)

  • window toolbar is customizable by user and contains new backward/forward navigation for to-dos in details view (macOS 11+)
  • bugfixes and stability improvements

V1.29 (2021-10)

  • toolbar design improvements and functionality extended
  • events from multiple calendars can now be displayed in the calendar view
  • added 3 wallpapers to be used as background images for task collections
  • stability improvements and bugfixes

V1.28 (2021-03)

  • Files can be saved as attachments in iCloud Drive and synced to other devices
  • Added additional colors for tags

V1.27.1 (2021-02)

  • Bugfixes and stability improvements for macOS Big Sur.