Release Notes iOS

V1.35.1 (2023-01)

  • A small maintenance update, which among other things updates the reference to the Tempodo website

V1.35 (2022-09)

  • iOS 16 optimization Fehlerkorrekturen
  • 3 lock screen widgets added: today, next due task, new task (requires iOS 16)
  • additional sort options in all tasks, category and tags lists: due date, reminder date, start date

V1.34 (2022-03)

  • Home tab task lists improvements: animations, change order, search
  • Added new swipe right gesture to quickly complete tasks
  • Create new tasks directly from the Today view
  • Small detail improvements of the user interface
  • Bug fixes

V1.33.1 (2022-02)

  • Bug fix for calendar view
  • Updated user interface for creating subtask

V1.33 (2022-02)

  • First day of the week automatically taken from the system calendar and can be overwritten
  • Calendar week display configurable
  • Optimized calendar display on large screens
  • Improved integration with system settings

V1.32 (2022-01)

  • redesigned pages: task details, calendar details, adding new tasks/categories/tags
  • recurring tasks events are now shown in calendar view
  • a reminder date can be set directly when creating tasks
  • quick date actions added for setting reminder dates (today, tomorrow, in a week)
  • minor UI layout changes like increasing font sizes
  • iOS 13 support removed
  • bug fixes